November 2009

November is always the start of the three fastest months of the year for me and this year is no exception. I don’t know if anyone else who reads this feels the same, but with the addition of new responsibilities as Chapter President, this time has become even busier.
As of the time of the writing of this message, Navy still has 3 important football games left to finish the season strong. A 7+ win record gives us a number of options for bowl games, yet with Delaware, Notre Dame and Hawaii still to play before Army, we don’t have an easy way to go.
In December, we have the Chapter Christmas Party, Army/Navy football and a probable Navy Bowl game appearance to go along with all of the other hustle and bustle of the season. Then in January we have the visit by the Navy Academy Gospel Choir for the King Birthday Celebration Weekend.
October’s monthly luncheon was well attended and our speaker Miami Philips, a recognized Internet guru, spoke about using the internet and social media, specifically Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate, collaborate and create business and personal relationships locally or globally.  In attendance: Ron Taylor ’81, Bill Holmes ’64, Jim Todd ’55, Jon Barton ’66, Pete Knoetgen ’77, Karl Schwelm ’71, Paul Borer ’70, Jeff Jones ’77, Chris Wheeler ’95, Jerry Mackey ’54, Bill Rentz ’55, Debbie Baus ’89, Robb Weteel ’89, Rick Haley ’72, Bob Ferrante ’90, Brian Pilger ’93, Dan Branch ’96, Mitch Rowland ’71, Jim Slemenda ’66, Brian Jackson ’81, Ned Hunter ‘ 81 and Ples Bruce ‘77.
For anyone not planning on being in Philly for the Army/Navy game, join us at Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station on December 12th for our annual Army/Navy Game Viewing. We will be sending more information within the next week about this event, including ticket and event details. Stay tuned.
Ples Bruce ’77
Chapter President

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