May Chapter Luncheon

From Chapter President DJ Marzetta:
Atlanta Chapter’s Monthly luncheon will be held on Friday, May 20th at the Golden Corral (2211 Cobb Pkwy Marietta GA 30080) close to the Battery. Lunch is buffet style and will begin at noon. The presentation starts at 12:30.
The guest speakers are from KDVMA (KD Veterans Medical Assessment). Master Chief (Retired) Dwayne Rosser will answer questions about VA Disability Benefits and how to best apply for VA Disability benefits/best process for getting VA Benefits.
You will pay for the lunch buffet and any drinks at the door. I look forward to seeing everyone there. I hope everyone has a great week. Go Navy! Beat Army!
Navy Rugby:

Navy Rugby will be in the Collegiate Championships here at Kennesaw State May 14th and 15th. See information about th00000000e event below and about ticket information. Looks like a great event. Robby Nardini created a link for all Navy alumni to use so you all can receive discounted tickets to this great event. I look forward to seeing everyone there.


Lobsterfest Postponed

Due to the ongoing pandemic concerns, the Board has decided to postpone the Lobsterfest.  In addition to the uncertainty of how many members would be interested at this time, the venue still has a 40-person limit.   The Lobsterfest has been our most popular event for decades, and we look forward to being able to resume.  Also, it is not too early to volunteer.


We are sorry to report the death on 23 September of Lorie Moore, ’64.  Lorie was a very outgoing, friendly guy.  A memorial service for Lorie will be at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, October 5th at Roswell United Methodist Church, 814 Mimosa Blvd, Roswell, GA  30075

Sad News From Peachtree City

We are sorry to report the loss of one of our members, Mitch Rowland, ’71.  Mitch was an outstanding president of this chapter a few years ago.  We will all miss him.  His obit can be found at

Mitch Rowland, '71


Former Chapter President Ed Brownlee and his family relocated to Jacksonville, FL

Ed tirelessly devoted himself to the USNAAA Atlanta Chapter as Chapter President and Board Member for over 15 years. I want to personally thank Ed for his selfless dedication, helping me and the many countless hours he spent ensuring the success of this chapter. For the past three years (even when he was not serving as President) he ran our Facebook site and always kept the chapter informed.  We will sorely miss Ed and look forward to him coming back visiting us on occasion.

Prior to the pandemic:

The 2020 Dark Ages Party was an enjoyable success on February 8th at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant.

Several Atlanta Chapter Officer positions are in need of volunteers.  If you are interested, please email us:

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Recap of Chapter Luncheon August 2019

The Atlanta Chapter luncheon at the Golden Corral was an excellent event, with presentations on the Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO) and the upcoming Navy football season.

Debbie McKinley, ’95 gave an impressive rundown on the history and success of the VEO, of which she is Board Chair.  She told a touching story of VEO’s origin, sparked by the discovery that two employees of her company were actually homeless veterans.   A comment on the VEO history from its website states, “Since 2008, Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO) has provided Housing, Supportive Services, Job Training and Placement to over 5,000 homeless veterans and their families.”  Functions of the organization include providing meals and shelter, getting veterans connected with the VA, and helping them get reconnected with their families and friends.  Debbie is very proud of the fact that they have an 87 per cent success rate.  Please look at

A preview of the upcoming Navy football season was presented by Steve Peters, ’84 and Tom Tarquinio, ’83.  Both Steve and Tom were Navy football players.  They gave us some insight into coaching changes, profiles of key players, and some new strategies for this year.

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Navy Football Assistant Coach At Our July Luncheon

Atlanta Chapter’s Monthly luncheon was held on Friday, July 19th at the Golden Corral.
The guest speaker was  Navy Football Defense Coach and USNA alum R.B. Green. He gave a presentation on the upcoming Navy Football Season and update on the team.
  Go Navy! Beat Army!

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March Monthly Luncheon Sea Stories

The luncheon at the Golden Corral was held Friday, March 15.  President DJ told the first story, about a drug bust in the Pacific.  Several other members followed, with topics including an aircraft carrier with a runaway rudder, intricate submarine mishaps, and a narrow escape involving Admiral Zumwalt.  The concept was quite successful and will probably be used again in the future.  It gave us all some insight into each other’s careers, and it was a lot of fun.  The Golden Corral continues to be a good venue with high quality food at low cost.

Do you know if your dues are up to date?  If not, please email:


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Dark Ages Party A Big Success

Our annual Dark Ages Party at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant, February 9th was well attended.  The restaurant did a superb job, and everyone had a good time.  A large crowd of civilian types even younger than us were on the dance floor, and we joined them.  Pete Knoetgen, ’77 has our thanks, again, for his superb planning and execution.


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Recap of the Atlanta June Luncheon – June 22nd 2018

Atlanta Chapter’s Monthly luncheon was held on Friday, June 22nd at the Golden Corral (2211 Cobb Pkwy in Marietta),  close to the Battery.
Mr. Samuel Franklin who is the Operations Manager of Homeland Security and Immigration Service gave an interesting talk about immigration and border security and answered numerous questions.   Attendance, including some spouses was good, especially for a summer month.  Paul “perfect-pitch” Hurst, ’62 led the singing of Navy Blue and Gold.  We were fortunate to have a private room with excellent acoustics.
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Cancellation of The 2018 Lobsterfest

The Board has reluctantly decided to cancel this year’s Lobesterfest, based on website difficulties, a lack of volunteers for the event, and the concern that it would not measure up to the high standards of previous years.  We will still be having the Lobsterfest in 2019, and we plan on its being a great event (with the proper planning and website support).

Please stay tuned as we plan to have another event (besides football viewing parties) for our alumni in the fall.

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Recap of The Chapter Luncheon – Friday, May 18, 2018 @ Taco Mac – Prado

USNAAAA LuncheonAtlanta Chapter’s Monthly luncheon was held on Friday, May 18th at Taco Mac (The Prado at Sandy Springs – 5600 Roswell Rd Ste M003, Sandy Springs GA 30342Approximately 40 members and wives attended.

Registration and pre-lunch social began at 11:30 am and lunch was served at 11:45 a.m.

Doug Norton, ’65, was the guest speaker.  Doug gave a fascinating and informative talk about his two books, Code Word: Paternity, and Code Word: Pandora.

Please like us on Facebook at:


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2018 Navy Football Schedule


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NHL ready to put Navy – Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on Ice

Preparations are underway for the hockey game between the Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs on March 3 at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

The league will play its 25th outdoor game March 3 in Annapolis when the Washington Capitals play the Toronto Maple Leafs at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.
The matchup will be just the third played in March and is part of the Coors Light NHL Stadium Series.
Workers began arriving in Annapolis over the weekend to transform the field into a hockey rink in time for the faceoff at 8 p.m.
“Right now we’re on schedule to be making ice Thursday evening,” Derek King, NHL senior manager of facilities operations said Tuesday at a news conference in Annapolis. “We’ll get to where we want to be on game day, which is about 2 inches thick of ice. We’ll be ready for practices on the 2nd.”

Instead of just taking a garden hose into a backyard and flooding an area and waiting for the temperature to fall, the National Hockey League uses a special technology to create an ice rink fit for the best hockey players in the world.
The process takes about seven days and will begin once the foundation of the rink is down.
“Every game that we get to do in different cities is really exciting, especially being here at the Naval Academy is pretty cool,” said King, who’s participated in roughly 15 of the outdoor games. “We have the equipment to manipulate whatever we need to, so we’ll be in good shape.”
As the members of the media gathered at the stadium Tuesday under sunny skies with temperatures approaching 70 degrees, the big question was if the weather will be an issue.
“If we had a day like this on game day, I’d have no concerns,” King said. “We’ll have the ice covered throughout the day, and then when the sun leaves the field we’ll uncover.”
To accommodate its outdoor games, the NHL created a one-of-a-kind mobile refrigeration unit and rink system. The 53-foot-, 300-ton-capacity unit make a solid sheet of ice while removing heat from the surface and then stabilizing the temperature.
Once the ideal surface temperature is reached, the actual process of building the ice begins. Typical thickness of ice inside an NHL arena is approximately 1 to 1.25 inches. The outdoor rink requires up to 2 inches to help withstand the more extreme elements. There is no special water used to make the ice, either. King says the water used is the same tap water used in a home.
“It’s a basic refrigeration unit, no different than what you’d see in an NHL arena, except we’ve put it inside a 53-foot trailer,” King said. “We’re using ammonia for our refrigerant along with glycol. The pipes are connected and are running down to the field and we’ll start making the ice Thursday evening.”
Once the ice is down, monitoring the status of the ice is a 24-hour job. A high-tech system called Eye on the Ice is embedded in the surface and helps to provide updates on the temperature at different areas of the ice and will signal an alert if more glycol is needed or if the heating system needs to engage if the weather gets too cold.
Along with a few former Washington Capitals players, Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley and Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Adm. Walter E. “Ted” Carter attended the press conference Tuesday. While Naval-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium has a smaller capacity, average attendance for outdoor games is 53,504 per game.
By the numbers
A look at what goes into an outdoor NHL game like the one set for March 3 at Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.
34.9: Average temperature for the previous 24 outdoor NHL games.
200: Workers will spend one week building everything needed for the game.
300: Ton capacity of refrigeration trailer that will keep the ice cool.
3,000: Gallons of glycol coolant used to freeze the rink.
20,000: Gallons of water needed to create a two-inch ice surface.
96,500: Pounds of the refrigeration unit that travels to the NHL outdoor games.

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