October 2009

September was a quick month for me. Hopefully, October will be a little slower so I can enjoy the nice long Falls we have here in Georgia.
The Navy Football season is well underway and we almost started by pulling off one of the biggest upsets in recent history against Ohio State. We had a great turnout at our local gathering spot, Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station. There were about 40 cheering fans in attendance, with the Parent’s Club making up about half of the group. They are a great organization in this area, really supporting their Mids at Annapolis, but also many of the events we conduct. The other games were equally as well attended and we are looking forward to another exciting and winning season. If you didn’t make it out to one this September’s events, go to the Events Calendar page for details and directions.
Our speaker this month was Lt. Col. Rob ‘Waldo’ Waldman, who is an inspirational leadership speaker, author, and peak performance coach. He’s a 1990 Air Force Academy grad and had some terrific information, inspiration and affirmation to share with us about continuing the success we have all already experienced by being Academy graduation, but now focused on our family, friends and community. It was a great talk and very timely in this present economic times. In attendance: Jeff Lewis ’70, Debbie Baus ’89, George Hutcherson ’70, Mitch Rowland ’71, Jerry Mackey ’54, Karl Schwelm ’71, Bill Rentz ’55, Brian Pilger ’93, Bob Ferrante ’90, Rick Haley ’72, Ed Haley ,72, Ed Hux ’61, Mike Rose ’48, Bill Borchert ’48, Paul Hurst ’62, Kathy McCartan ’85, Tom Galloway ’71, Jim Slemenda ’66, Clint Johnson ’60, Alan Miller ’61, Ronald Taylor ’81, Jon Barton ’66, Ed Brownlee ’81, Ed Sundberg ’68, Will Smith ’97, Brian Jackson ’81.
The speaker for October will be Miami Philips, a recognized Internet guru, who will talk about social media and how to maximize this new relationship building tool. I was impressed with Mr. Philips grasp of the unique opportunities open to all of us to leverage this technology, whether you’re building your career, keeping in touch with your children or grands, or looking to reconnect with old friends. Again, to get details and directions to monthly luncheons, go to the Monthly Luncheon page.
For anyone not planning on being in Philly for the Army/Navy game, join us at Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station. We just beat Air Force for the 7th straight time, on our way to another Commander-In-Chief Trophy, so the victory party on December 12th will be even bigger. All grads, friends and family are welcomed. Tickets go on sale in November.
Ples Bruce ’77
Chapter President

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