Mr. Miami Philips Speaks at October Luncheon

October’s monthly luncheon was well attended and our speaker Miami Philips, a recognized Internet guru, spoke about using the internet and social media, specifically Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate, collaborate and create business and personal relationships locally or globally.
In attendance were: Ron Taylor ’81, Bill Holmes ’64, Jim Todd ’55, Jon Barton ’66, Pete Knoetgen ’77, Karl Schwelm ’71, Paul Borer ’70, Jeff Jones ’77, Chris Wheeler ’95, Jerry Mackey ’54, Bill Rentz ’55, Debbie Baus ’89, Robb Weteel ’89, Rick Haley ’72, Bob Ferrante ’90, Brian Pilger ’93, Dan Branch ’96, Mitch Rowland ’71, Jim Slemenda ’66, Brian Jackson ’81, Ned Hunter ‘ 81 and Ples Bruce ‘77.

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