Bill Sailing of Vets Help Vets Speaks at November Luncheon

At the November Chapter Luncheon, we had a presentation by Bill Sailing.  Bill is a member of Vets Help Vets, Inc., a non-profit that is helping war and service disabled veterans prepare for returning to their community.  The corporation was formed in 2007 by a group of Vietnam veterans to provide home renovations to veterans with a service-connected disability.  The program is locally based and works closely with the Shepherd Spinal and Rehabilitation Center to remodel veterans’ residences used in this rehabilitation process.  For more information see their web site at
The organization has some special needs and Bill made a sincere request for assistance from our Chapter. They need both financial support and physical support (manual labor) to remodel apartments to be used by disabled veterans during the rehab program.  After discussion between Chapter Board of Director members and Chapter members present at the luncheon, we quickly determined that the Chapter should be able to meet both requests.
Our goal as a Chapter is to raise $3,500 for the purchase of all the supplies necessary to remodel one apartment.  Therefore, we are asking members to consider making a donation of $35 each.  With just 100 contributors we will reach our goal.  You may, of course, contribute any amount that you are able.
Also, if you are interested in providing manual labor for the project, please contact Bill Sailing directly at (706) 579-1732  This work is scheduled for very early next year.  Bill will have more info on the exact timing.
Contribution Instructions:
At the moment we are awaiting instructions on exactly how to make our contributions so that the funds are properly received and tax-deductible. (Making payment directly to our Chapter will not work correctly, so don’t send us a check.)  Watch your USNAAAAMAIL group emails for specific instructions on how to make your contribution.
Everyone in attendance seemed genuinely touched by the work of this group and the mission they have organization themselves around.  We believe that we can all make a difference in a significant way by supporting Vets Help Vets.
Thank you in advance for your willingness to help us make a difference in veterans’ lives.

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